About Graham Forster

Graham Forster is a retired mechanical engineer whose contributions and dedication to the field continue to be felt through his professional achievements and philanthropy within the industry.

In addition to the commitment to his profession he upheld before retiring in 2019, Graham Forster is an avid model train enthusiast. As a young child, he loved to build and disassemble just about anything. He could be found linking together thousands of Legos to build a train set, or sitting in the garage with his toolkit taking apart his bicycle. Graham Forster’s fascination with learning the way different vehicles function and are constructed, eventually led him to design his first model train at the age of 13. From adolescence, he began to follow train show schedules and sometimes traveled great distances to attend. To Graham Forster, a good part of the fun was the mode of transportation as much as the actual destination. When Graham Forster moved to New York City to attend college, he rode the train home on a weekly basis to visit his family. Not only did those regular train rides lead to his profession of choice, but it also furthered his model train hobby. The down time offered opportunities to think about the mechanics of the trains. He could ponder about the inner workings and then draw up sketches of how those model trains must look. It was during these travels that he created some of his most intricate model train designs.

After Graham Forster’s wife’s untimely passing, he soon decided to retire. He wanted to focus on his children and grandchildren, and to invest more time in his model train hobby. While he’s not on the road to a train show or building a model, Forster works on bringing his locomotives alive in digital space, happily sharing his knowledge and creations with the greater world.
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