Graham Forster

Born and raised in Albany, NY, Graham Forster is a retired mechanical engineer with a proven track record for designing and refining advanced mechanical systems. In his 40+ year career, he brought his knowledge and expertise to three major technological companies in the greater New York area.

Graham Forster was a college student when he moved to New York City, where he still resides today. Nearly every weekend, he would hop on the train back to Albany to visit his family. Those train rides served a purpose far beyond getting him where he needed to go. Forster is sure that traveling by train helped paved the path to his career choice of engineering, as he spent much of the time analyzing the mechanics of how each aspect of the train car must work individually and together as a unit. In graduate school, he met his wife-to-be, Laura, whom he married a few years later. The couple settled in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, and had three children.

While many in the engineering industry tend to move around during their careers, Graham Forster strongly believes in rooting oneself in a select few companies, and pushing the business’s goals forward as a team. This strong commitment to his employers and colleagues enabled Forster to leave his mark in the industry. His innovative ideas and solutions have had a lasting impact, and continue to be developed in the companies where he worked.

Toward the end of his productive and fulfilling career, Graham Forster’s wife passed away after battling illness. Soon after, he decided to retire and spend most of his time with his children and grandchildren. Even after retirement, Forster has a continuous relationship with the businesses where he worked. He is regularly invited to lecture on his engineering theories and discoveries. He works with new, young teams to further technologies, bringing his years of experience to a constantly developing field – all on a volunteer basis. Forster is a regular contributor to various non-profits in the engineering realm, eager to advance the industry.

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